july 2023

I can say with complete honesty, and with shared good humour, that I didn’t imagine or compose this book “Womansong”.

Around 30 years ago,  I was living a busy family life as a rural vet in a small australian country town.  And one evening, when quietly alone,  I was visited by an unsolicited, resounding ‘vision’ :  the awesome blue rolling passage of the Earth Mother,  and the golden myriad voices of sisterhood Spirits  (as described in the first chapters).

And how they called out their sorrows for Earth and Earth-life,  over the following few years ;  in charged but hushed visitations, sharing great pictorial mind-messages, and streaming emotions.  I necessarily wrote down all their story-songs,  and sought words and imagery to reflect their grace and passion.   And at last, in later years, assembled some of these into the present illustrated book :

– which sings out the grieved laments and forebodings of Woman-Spirit,
of Women,  of Mothers,
of the Earth-Mother-Goddess herself.

It is only now, mid-2023, that time has enabled its open publication as a website ;  with thanks to the expertise of others.

So I am not really an author :  simply a literate scribe,  photo/ illustrator,  and editor with spellcheck!


Why such an extraordinary,  extra-sensory visitation into an ordinary life?

And indeed,  why the present-day awakening of many men and women to Earth-Mother-consciousness,  across the world?

The reasons are now rounding upon us all :  as we and our children are forced to face straight into the blazing forest-fires,  the swarming floods,  growing polar melt-downs,  cyclones,  spreading deserts,  hungers,  and resurging war-forces of despots  and of harsh man-made climate-shifts  –  alongside the suffering remnants of Earthly life.

The Earth has been groaning her injuries and fevers to us for decades.  We have known this full well :  but we still refuse her anguish in favour of ungoverned human populations,  extraction industries,  potentates and armies  —  still fighting each other to the death,  like some chimpanzees, and the odd bear and or feline.

The Earth-Mother’s messages,  recorded here,  call out our Terminal human threats :

Great sufferings,  iniquities,  and violations are driven by our chosen paths of Self-Interest.

Our young generations are forsaken in bewilderment.

Our mass industrial and militaristic invasions are deviant,  brutal,  profiteering,  and barbarous.
And they are,  in our long history,  a recent degradation into extreme combustion-power and ego-nationalism.

These modern predations are not primal.
Human beings are not condemned to live thus and forever as brutes.


Today  –  Women are now emerging,  historically and at last in command of our own fertility,  our minds,  our lives,  our voices in the world.

And our shocked Woman-vision can see the savagery of these dominations :

–  of barricaded lands,  Earth excoriations,  besieged oceans,  mass-life-extinctions; 

–  of wars in the name of crusade, jihad, pogrom, ethnic assault;

–  of our beautiful sons laid waste,  conscripted to murder the beautiful sons of other families.  Whose homes are bombed to rubble,  crushing their sisters and grandparents beneath

And now Climate Heating :  our kids and future generations abandoned,  to the firestorms of their own parents’ making.


“… I am Earth Mother’s daughter,
Her heart-break cry cracks from my body :

‘O Godde,  save my Children
To hear the music of the Dawn.’
(ch. 20)



The visiting words of the living Earth  stream out in a tumult of sorrow,  and unambiguous censure to her Human life :  we who have evolved higher,  we who have over millennia become curators of Intellect,  Conscience,  Guardianship,  and Ethic amongst the multitudinous life-forms of her biosphere ;  we whose future spiritual evolution remains unfolding ….

And now  –  towards her spoken Finale, the Earth Mother gives us her loving, redeeming foreview :

–  that we humans are capable of  –  Destined for  –  Imminent higher societal advancement.
As we open up her pathways of Reparation :
our Evolution.

“… for She will Sing the music of the Deep.

And Men will hear the long-lost Song of Goddess
rising from deep Earth into
their acheing, hollow hearts ;

and lift Her to
their reaching, longing arms …”
(ch. 12)

“… ~ so that Women now and at last can say truly :

We are Blessed with Men,
we are Blessed with God.”

“And as Men can say now, as you open your eyes to us,
see at last our lucent face at the high window of our keep :

We are Blessed with Women,
we are Blessed with Goddess.”
(ch. 25)





honey nelson
july 2023