Part 1: HYMNS



MUCH OF THIS RECORD IS A STORY OF POWER, and the consequence of its abuse, Suffering.  It is the story of the persecution of the weak by the strong ;  and thus is in large part a story of the persecution of women by men,  of men by men,  of the persecution of children,  of less armed peoples,  of all living things,  of the captive Earth itself.

But it also concerns the nature of Power,  and the nature of Fear,  and the reasons for these ;  and of the peculiar Suffering that is the lot of the Tyrant and the Attacker.

It is an account of the Delusions,  the chimaera,  that drive both women and men into Fear and postures of assault ;  and as such is an appeal to all people to come to understand the dilemma of Violators,  and the merciful passage-of-escape that can deliver them from their sickness of Self-Hatred.


Ethics and Principles  –  which are Universal,  Perfect,  and Perfectly Knowable Axioms shining in the Heart of our consciousness, our Conscience  –  are the infrastructure of all our Good Thought and Politics.  The light of High National and International Principles will illuminate those parts of our Body Politic which suffer illness ;  and thereby illuminate the psychological and psychic torment of those who perpetuate our world-wide, historic chains of injustice,  cruelty and persecution.

Our pure and primal Ethic is simple :

It is Harmlessness.


How many Life-Perfections can we attain in the sacred dedication to Harmlessness ?  How many light-beams converge upon this focal star :  our illuminated paths of Generosity,  of Self-Command,  of Responsibility,  of High Parenthood;  of Honesty,  Modesty,  Kindness,  Love,  Tolerance ;  of Equality,  Respect,  Fairness;  of Forgiveness,  Apology,  Concilation,  Reparation,  Reconstruction;  of Sexual Respect,  of Reverence for All Lives,   for Unity,  for Community,  for Beauty,  for Clarity of Mind,  for Truth ?

The politics of high Ethics have no political colour, unless we call it White.

The language here is of emotion and feeling.  This is what we can tell of,  we Women :  which is why you may find it high-coloured, and unfamiliar.  I could not get these understandings published in the print media :  because I will not  ~  cannot  ~  write Men’s unchromatic journalese.


THERE IS NO METHOD OF PERSONAL RESCUE offered here.  That is for the healers of human relationships to accomplish :  there is a firmament of Wise People and practices out there, to help others work through their own passages to Peace of Mind.  Some of the deepest healers may be found amongst the Elder and Wise of our most ancient living cultures: those who know how to live according to our most natural, fundamental patterns of human-species psyche.

What is offered in future pages, is a bestowed insight into the origins of mutual Warfare,  and its malevolent unfolding in the recorded history of men and women.

And an insight into those inherent Archetypal patterns,  profound in the human psyche,  which when distorted with combative fallacious lore and tradition, can utterly cruel our behaviour

And an image of the submerged fine art and architecture of Woman and Man,  their profoundly-separate yet perfectly-complementary spiritual truths: the archetypal Male and Female who may be found in their distilled forms in myths and fairy tales all over the world :

and who are found Together
sharing the spectrum
in every single person’s Consciousness.

Thus in intimately discovering the nature of one’s Self,  whether woman or man :  the nature of the other becomes clear,  in its perfectly complementary form.  And the presence of Both in the One Mind is Wholeness.

Thus, then,  these interlacing beauties of Man and Woman are the keys to mutual discovery,  admiration,  and reconciliation :  both within oneself,  and to the other sex ;  and thereby to other peoples, creatures, life-forms, and to eventual Peace on Earth.


There are innumerable others such as this writer,  learning now from Spirit.  I am just one, from a colonised suffering antipodean land,  a grinding mining clear-felling agronomic culture,  a vast orphanage of exiled migrant children amongst dispossessed and grieving indigenous parents.

There are many such stories of tumult,  release,  and provision,  and peace

from our Mother Earth.

WE LIVE IN MILLENNIAL TIMES. The third millennium of the traditional christian calendar is upon us, carrying with it much of the world who have adopted its BC/AD convention for the needs of international coordination.

MILLENNIAL. It is a word which has drawn to itself far more meaning than mere thousands :  it has become an expression of extremity,  of momentous events.

It is the right word for our times.  It can crush us with its Truth :  the grim facts of our critical impacts upon the Earth,  her tipping-point of metabolic collapse,  our cracking collisions with each other.

– To the point of this ruthless reality :  that our fevered,  infected and traumatised planet demands a siren-scream trip to intensive care ;  and that we ourselves lie bleeding or gasping in a war zone where many of the medics are dead.


IT IS A TIME ~ turn of a millennium ~ in which some countries, or peoples, or cities, on every continent are recoiled in fear of murdering neighbours and tribal genocide; of acts of wanton atrocity which make nonsense of our vain claims to world societal advancement.

Great and terrible conflicts have indeed gone on ever since our people can remember;  but today’s militia zones of dismembered women and children,  of terrorist-bombarded pubs and mosques and churches,  of creeping serial killers,  of children gunning down their schoolmates,  of berserk shopping-centre massacres,  of small-town domestic murder-suicides taking out whole families, tiny babies ~

~ These have a despairing loss of personal control
which appears nothing less than societal incubation of
a malignant homicidal psychopathology.

The children of our generation are suffering abandonment,  mental debilities,  neurosis,  and suicide ;  or, in their millions,  death by war,  sickness and hunger.  The species of the Earth are withering under our own uncontrolled, ridiculous human breeding,  our voracious greed,  our callous species-genocides,  and our paranoid gunfire ;  and new epidemic diseases and pest tyrannies are incubating and breaking out of the blistered cracks of a once-coordinated ecosystem  –

~  while we nervously push around office memos,  and political parties tear down each other’s decent reforms simply for the sake of being opposed.


Let us hope  – We may not need to fear another engulfing world War.  We are all preoccupied with the immediate threats of fire and flood,   and internal socio-economic implosion,  and polarising iniquities,  and rampant greed oligarchs,  and famine,  and scorch and flood,  and toxic catastrophe,  and malignant man-forced pandemics,  to be able to afford one.  We are fearful and anxious, these days,  not to provoke another confrontation between great powers.

For we in powerful countries are already at War. Global,  wretched, atomised War.  With its usual juggernaut hierarchy  ~  The driving machine of money warlords :  old and middle-aged men :  arms merchants,  governments,  international conglomerates,  drug emperors, intelligence fiefdoms,  crime gangs,  financial mercenaries.

The senior non-combatant militia  ~  the political parties,  global corporations,  advertisers,  profiteers,  purveyors of militant propaganda,  media apologists,  scientists in service to megacorp Earth plunderers.

The troops  ~  young boy-men mainly,  and many young girl-women :  disconnected,  futureless,  sexual,  uninitiated,  bored,  inexperienced,  desperate for a frontier :  falling at the front line in waves of drug addiction,  hand-gun fire,  alcoholism,  joblessness,  psychosis,  suicide,  sexual abuse,  mutual gang warfare,  AIDS,  murder,  political extremism,  sexual slavery,  homelessness.

The civilian victims  ~  bereaved and bewildered parents,  young single mothers,  fatherless children,  abandoned elders ;  and whole ghettoes,  whole cities,  whole states of disowned people.  And lately, the mutant pandemics bringing down those closed out with mass-poverty,  and random targets too of any age and station.

We in the West have no young people to spare for a great conflict of nations.

And even if we tried to call them up:

                   ~ Who could find them all?

                                         ~ Who could convince them?

* And who could heal their sicknesses:
to make them ready for another, healthy death? *



NOW IS ALSO A TIME ~ change of the millennium ~ in which we have made the greatest and most rapid Advances in human history, in our ideals and edifices of social justice and mutual care.

Never before have we felt so ashamed of our own exposed, shocking history.  Never before have we worked so ardently to provide, to heal, to save:  as our eyes open at last, upon our collective responsibility for exploitation,  annexation,  genocide,  colonisation,  cultural tyranny,  discrimination,  abandonment,  disintegration of community.

In the space of a momentary two hundred years or so, we have delivered ourselves ~ many of our more Advantaged societies ~ from the age-old vagaries and vanities of bloodline hegemonies, and turned to systems of elected government and accountable institutions;  which have at last enabled dedicated people from many origins to gain the forum and help define the action.  We long to deliver ourselves from the tyranny of rich and powerful over poor and powerless, to an age where we are working together towards a world community of equality and shared resources.

In two short centuries we of Advantaged societies have vanquished the timeless evils of slavery,  destitution,  and child labour; and instituted a host of rightful laws on behalf of racial and sexual minorities,  of children,  of women,  of animals;  against sexual abuse,  child pornography,  domestic violence,  gross exploitation of land and sea,  and many other weeping shames which had never been upraised and protected before.

Never before have we committed our numbers so desperately to acts of great Good:  to save remnant species,  provide refuges,  clean up poisons,  teach tolerance,  take responsibility for the community’s dependants,  heal abused and abusing people,  intervene to stop mad wars,  make laws to advance social and economic justice,  appeal for world-wide action to arrest our crazy weapons juggernaut.

And overwhelmingly, to save our own children from our own dogged follies of climate heating.

We are, at last, coming to understand Shame and Reparation.


OUR ARENA OF ACTION still remains littered with failures, with homeless drunken children and battered women and persecuted ethnic groups and dispossessed indigenous peoples and crestfallen peace negotiations.  And in recent times, a world-wide escape of another baleful viral pandemic,  mutated and forced out from terrified brutalised wild creatures crushed into ‘wet markets’ for human killing and consumption.

But we are pouring our energies into studying and understanding the causes and effects of human behaviour;  and we are moving, so slowly, towards an ever-deeper and more compassionate understanding of the nature of Self,  of self-denigration,  of self-confidence,  of self-contempt,  of self-hatred,  of self-love  ~  these myriad Self-perceptions and Self-deceptions that lie at the heart of all our decent and indecent behaviours towards each other.

We have so much Good Purpose, now, to work with;
Commit at last to Learning from Our Mistakes:
and tend the Children of our casualty-parents,
deliver new generations of wise and healed people.