Part 1: HYMNS

Bestowed Dreams


I have felt the Famine under my feet,
cracked soles dragging over parched earth,
shrivelled from sun-glare radiation:

flayed earth-body curling into darkening scabs
like last week’s skinned fox hung over a fence:

a Warning to All.


I have seen the Tumult :
felt the Earth move.

Momentarily: the riotous surge of peoples,
the coloured tatters in stampede.


I have felt the Earth Move :
seen the tumult.
Felt Her shudder under my feet,
and sway.

Seen, as from the Moon:

the retching heaves of the Earth,
the toxic shock-wave from pole to pole
as She rocks, vomits from Her depths :

As though magnetic North and South upended,
as though volcano-boils burst,

in a few galactic instants…

?…. with perhaps, a fierce and terrible atmospheric beauty….


Well within my lifetime.
1993. Forty six years old.

A Warning to All


And I have stood in a dream
upon a high and grassy bank
rolling down to the sky-blue sea,
her sky-white sweep of crescent sand.

We gathered,
lifetime’s friends and loves,
convergent to this New Earth-place
to receive the Rising Morning,

Our strands gathered into
one hand,
this Moment
of Godde.


The radiant sunrays
illuminate Her Countenance.
We witness
Goddess rise into our sight,

as our Earth turns to face her Sun.


Blue-crystalline birds
rock in sky-waves
to celebrate a New Wedded Dawn.

Within my lifetime. 


 *           *





And there lies a landscape
just within our Sight,

the plains beneath the risen Sun,
Earth’s rolling curved horizon
of grass-sea green-gold waves,

great forest-places
gathering Her power
in towering temples.




There is a yonder city
just within our Sight,

gleam of low rippling incandescence

like breaking phosphorescent waves
on a distant shore.


They call it
the realm
of heaven on Earth.



Within our present horizon.

Perhaps within our lifetime.



hn 1993