Part 1: HYMNS

Bestowed Dreams



There is a Dream, upwelling into Now :
it is Our Dream.

– We the Evolving Human Beings who have been impending,  coming-into-Being :
coming into Higher Mind.

The searching Hunter finds :

stoops to meet the Stone in which his new spear-head waits ;
he Knows it is arrived :  into This pristine moment.

~  Knows it has always Been :  the rock-bound spear-head revealed in his hand.


And the searching Seer sees :  to meet the whole World with panoramic vision ;
encompasses All that converges upon this pin-prick instant.

~ Knows it has always Been :  this vast Past-Present-Future in her Mind.



We sightless human peoples dart,  like rabbits in our warren :  scurrying our small passages,
from nest to stores to sleeping-den :  our fretful memory-lanes,  worn by pounding anxious visits
to count,  to defend,  confront,  to plan our next burrowing excavations

We Fear it is the whole universe :  this labyrinth we made.
For we can Recall :
its every single forced-out painful track.

(A few can Remember, too,  far back , 
~  a sunbeam of lost light,
dream-remnant of peaceful golden age.)

Last time we dared look up, we humans :  the sky was dark and Fallen,  like a caved-in den ;
and a cold crying wind scared us back deep into our crowded scuffling tunnels.

We have not looked again :  for millennia.




And high above our burrowed Earth :
the parable of eclipsing Moon is slow-passing her dark millennial transit of the Sun.


The corona-halo of her black-round void
dispels in one solar diamond-flash :


as Sunrays shaft the sky to crystal blue,
sweep again to Earth to light her fires,
stir her rocks to glow ;
warm the chill wind-moans
once more to peacefulness


Those Who Stand Up Now Upon Awakening Earth
share witness to
this Light Outcoming.


Our Dream is Evolving :

into Now.