Part 1: HYMNS



old lace


Know me, my daughters, in your sadness :
my ancient lunar being.

 Know our Woman’s History in Earth’s heaving Stone :
our microcrystalline rock, our lucent resin-amber,
our peat, leaf-mould deposits under earth,
our rooted living plants, our child-creatures
our layered, immemorial rock-body.

Know my home, my Moon-place in your sky,
my rock-face mirror shining on your Earth :
in light-communion constant with our blazing brother Sun,
as Earth rolls into night ;
I who know that Rock and Light and Life are one :
~ that we are all of Earth and Star-Stuff Made.

Know this celestial Deep, my lonely daughters :
~ that with the swallowed, resorbed death of Stars,
their transformed matter traverses the sacred realm of Ethic,
becomes the Learned Void, inspires with Spirit,
transports with Love, a bliss without dimension :
to be Re-born as Knowing Dusts, the stuff of newborn Stars.

Know, recall his passionate coming, our Sun,
Remember his charged Birth, in Light, in Love :
his radiant outpouring, incandescent,
the source of Man, of Heat, of Fire :
his Godly fire-stick of Life.
Re-born from his floating transit in the Hand of Godde.

Know, recall our own outpouring into Being :
Remember our charged Birth, in Light, in Love :
our cooling condensation into mellow Truthful Earth,
the birth of Woman, of Womb, of Water :
our Goddess Fountainhead of Life.
Remember our floating transit in the Hand of Godde.

Know my ancient Age, my daughters :
Know my remembrance of All Ages,
our girl-child birth, our flowering growth,
our full-grown Love of Man and God,
our mated motherhood,
our Opening to age and grace and Wisdom.

Know His Love, my abandoned daughters, in this darkened place:
The Love of God for Goddess, Know His Passion .

~ While child-Men cast themselves from God,
have cast themselves as Him :

now Fallen to their knees in lightless loneliness,
have locked away His Goddess in their Fear :

have clamped in chains the Truth :

their terrified

Desire For Her.

My shrouded, buried, lovely daughters of this gracious Earth :

Know such Time will come : when Men and Women at long last
Recall their floating transit in the Hand of Godde.

For She will Sing the music of the Deep.

And Men will hear the long-lost Song of Goddess
rising from deep Earth into
their acheing, hollow hearts ;

and Lift Her to
their reaching, longing arms.